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Marie-Dominique Verdier was born, raised, and educated in France, where she graduated with an MBA in 1989. At that time shemoved to the United States, where she boughther first camera and started taking black and white pictures of local musiciansin her adopted home, New Orleans. During the following years she worked in the music business and at the French Consulate, while developing her “eye,” learning about photography intuitively, and exploiting the opportunity to observe some of the most visually distinctive urban imagery in the country. Her series New Orleans Walls, the originalversion of which appeared in 1994, was her first exploration of color. After moving to a small North Idaho town with her family in 2000, Verdier decided to devote herself primarily to photography. Both professionally and personally, she allowed her passion to guideher efforts, using its expressive potential to serveas a conduit for all of her experiences — from the most grueling to the most transcendent.Verdier has been published in regional andnational magazines in France and the U.S., hasreleased three books of her own, runs an art/photography gallery, and continues to pursue her photographic arts. Her work may be seen at www.MDVphoto.com. She and her husband reside in North Idaho with their two daughters.